Fundraising programs

Fundraising is based on the phenomenon of social responsibility, which drives donors to make investments for public benefit.
To guarantee the sustainability of the RAS Project, and to promote constant development, it is necessary to direct our steps toward a large number of potential funding sources.
Sustaining the Foundation means sharing with a team of professionals the passion for this grand project:  excavating, studying, and preserving a site of unparalleled importance; promoting intercultural exchange through programs for American and European university students; contributing to the economic and cultural rebirth of Campania; and creating an archaeological park with services and facilities for tourists and guests from all over the world.

Public Funds: The participation of public administrations is based on allocation of funds for specific projects. If you think of the archaeological and socio-cultural importance of the RAS Project, and of the extent of investment in it, it is easy to understand the importance and the usefulness of such forms of public-private collaboration. In particular, the public interest is served by development of the area’s archaeological legacy, economic development of the area, and social integration.
The synergy between public entities (ministries, regions, municipalities, the EU, American public entities) and RAS is an essential element of our Fundraising.

Private Funds: Ever since the Foundation took its first steps, there have been numerous friends of Stabiae that have asked to collaborate with us to support and promote the project.
Become Friend of Stabiae is the name of the campaign that RAS intends to promote for the collection of private funds. It provides for:

  • Spontaneous donation
  • 5 per mille an Italian tax law under which taxpayers can designate a non-profit organization to which the government will donate €5 for every €1000 in taxes paid.
  • Adoption programs: all funds are directed to the restoration and exposition of frescoes and artifacts found.