Paestum: the archaeological site

Greeks called it Poseidon, the Roman called it Paestum. It’s located in the eastern part of the Gulf of Salerno, at 10 km from the mouth of the Sele River, in the territory of Lucania. It was one of the richest and most flourishing Greek colonies of southern Italy along the west coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea.
Guided tour
 The visit starts from the magnificent temple of Athena, built in 500 BC, and then continues through the Greek agora, with the Heroon, the legendary burial place of the founder of the colony. You will then reach the Roman forum, where there were many shops, the amphitheater and the Macellum, the main city market. Finally you will reach the sacred south area, where are located the temples of Hera and Neptune, two of the best preserved temples, positioned on the plain in front of the  sea.