Pompeii – The archaeological site

Pompeii, with its 44 acres of excavated area, is the only archaeological site that shows the image of a Roman city in its entirety. The eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD buried the city under a thick blanket of ash and lapillus, when most of the inhabitants were killed on the coast or suffocated in their homes. The moulds of their bodies in agony represent the evidence of the tragedy.
Guided tour
 The tour will start in the Forum, the religious, political and economic core of Pompeii, dominated by Capitolium and the Temple of Apollo. You will walk along Via dell’Abbondanza, the most important city street, with shops, taverns, and luxurious domus. Finally you will reach the area of the amphitheater, the oldest amphitheater known in the Roman world, with 20,000 people occupancy, who used to come and see the fights between gladiators.
Lecture on daily life in Pompeii 
 This lecture is about the history of archaeological excavations of Pompeii, important source of information about the daily life in Pompeii and in general in the Roman Empire. We will talk also about the Roman domus, core of the daily life of the time, and will explain the different daily activities, with its meetings at the Forum, the lunch at thermopolium (a kind of old fast food), the afternoons in the thermal area, and the evening banquet.
Lecture on Pompeian painting
 During the lesson you will learn the technique of painting “ad frescum”, the natural colors and materials used, the processes of creation and the four Pompeian styles. Finally we will analyze the frescoes found in the numerous domus and villas of the Vesuvian area.
Workshop on fashion in Ancient Rome
 A short introductory lesson will illustrate the clothing of a typical ancient Roman, the different types of clothes used by men and women, the shoes, hairstyles and jewelry, analyzing the different social classes through the clothing. Participants will then wear the clothes of the matron and of the pater familias, of the servants and of the divinities and of the most important politicians of the time, recreating the atmosphere of ancient Rome.
Lecture and music show in ancient Rome by the group Synaulia
 During the lecture will be shown, used and presented several musical instruments: prototypes, original finds and item’s reproductions of ancient Roman times. After that, the musicians, specialists in a particular category of percussion instruments, will dance and play following the ancient Roman rhythm. Costumes, dances, masks, recitations in Latin, offering an impressing repertoire of Experimental Archaeology.