Center for Study Abroad

center for study abroad campania napoli
In 2010 the RAS Foundation signed cooperation agreements with some of the most important Italian universities (University Federico II and L’Orientale of Naples, Scuola Normale of Pisa, University of Molise, University Bicocca of Milan, Bocconi ASK Center) as well as with many prestigious foreign universities such as the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and the University of Vladimir in Russia. These agreements aim to, among other things, provide shared university courses to obtain university credits which are valid in all systems, with the help of study abroad and distance learning programs. Our aim is the achievement of an ambitious project: the creation of an official Center for Study Abroad (CSA); a center for students who wish to perform periods of study abroad in Italy. The Vesuvian Institute is the perfect location, where students can study and stay at the same time. Our complex provides large spaces and many services, which include complete hotel facilities, classrooms and computers, home rooms, wi-fi connection, rooms for distance learning activities and much more.
The CSA experience proposed by the RAS foundation aims at promoting the internationalisation of universities in Campania through the cooperation between the public sector, universities and private organisations such as the RAS Foundation. In this way, each collaborating party will offer its experience to achieve the success of the project. Italian universities support the project by ultilising the experience of its teaching staff to create and then execute the study programs in cooperation with foreign universities. With the aim of ensuring that all study abroad programs are of the highest quality, the RAS Foundation provides, in addition to location and accommodation, experience in the field of coordination and management of students groups.
The Center for Study Abroad will provide archeology- and Italian culture-focused universities and training centers around the world with the possibility to take a temporary seat in the heart of Roman archeology, with services for both face-to-face and distance learning.


The main aspects of the purpose of the Center for Study Abroad:

• To provide foreign students staying at the Vesuvian Institute with the possibility to continue following the distance learning courses of their universities, ensuring educational continuity;
• To provide students from all over the world with the opportunity to attend specialised workshops taught by experts from the RAS Foundation and the world’s most famous universities;
• To provide students with the opportunity to attend and participate in on-line meetings and seminars;
• To provide students with the possibility to communicate online with international experts in order to discuss the evolution of scientific researches in the field of archaeology.
These points make the Vesuvian Institute a unique Center for Study Abroad.